Born 1984 in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, based in Berlin, Germany


2009-2013 Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Germany
2006 graduated from the Kazakh National Academy of Arts, Almaty, Kazakhstan

The artist Gulnur Mukazhanova was born in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, shortly before the end of the USSR. She done her studies at the Art Academy in Almaty and the Kunsthochschule in Berlin Weißensee. Still living in Berlin, she has been working for years mainly with textiles. Her work is influenced by Kazakh textile traditions, with felt as her most important material. She addresses identity problems and the transformations of traditional values of her culture in the age of globalisation. In her art, she processes her Kazakh origins and the actual state of society there with an international perspective.

Solo Exhibitions

2023 “Öliara”, Ainalaiyn Space in cooperation with Soma Art Berlin, Germany
2022 “Öliara- The Dark Moon”  Ainalaiyn Space in cooperation with Mimosa Haus, London, UK
2021 “The Space of Silence” Asian Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan “Un-Conscious” Michale Janssen Gallery Berlin, Germany

2017 “Yellow Matters” SOMA Art Gallery Berlin, Germany 
2016 “Postnomadic Reality” Artwin Gallery Moscow, Russia
2010 “Iron Women”, Tengri-Umai Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan
“Wertlösigkeit der Tradition”, the German-Kazakh Society, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2023   “Manifestation” Islamic Arts Festival, Sharjah, UAI
            “EARTH – Tellurian Abstraction | Tellurische Abstraktion”, THEgallery, Mürsbach, germany
             "Interweaving Travelers" The New Taipei City Art Museum(NTCAM), Taipei, Taiwan
             “Le parcours Asia”, curatorial Project of Slavs and Tatars at Now Art Fair, Paris, France
             “Bosaga”, Ainalaiyn Space in cooperation with Three Highgate Gallery, London, UK
             "Women and Textile design", Centre de design de l'UQÀM, Montreal, CAN
             “Let's Mix”, Michale Janssen Gallery Berlin, Germany
             Expo Chicago, Michael Janssen Gallery, Chicago US
              Clouds, Power & Ornament – Roving Central Asia, Center for Heritage Arts & Textiles, Hong Kong

2022     Open Performance, as a part of Davra Art Collective, created by uzbek Artsit Saodat Ismailova for  Dokumenta XV,                 Kassel, Germany
               POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, Berlin, Germany
               Foyou -Voluntary Art Liaison, Marienburg, Berlin, Germany
               Art Brussels, Art Fair, Gallery Michael Janssen,  Brussels , Belgium
               Nada New York, Art Fair, Gallery Michael Janssen, New York, USA
               Art Dubai, Art Fair, Aspan Gallery,  Dubai UAE
2021     “Trecento Workshop” Galerie Italienne, Paris, France
               “ART from ELSWHERE”, Kulturforum Ansbach, Ansbach, Germany
               “Points of Resistance” Momentum Berlin, Germany
               The female side of the moon” Galerie Z22 Berlin, Germany

2020     Art Dubai Art Fair Online Version Intersect Aspen Online Art Fair

2019      Asia Now Art Fair, Paris, France
               Astana Art Show , TSE Art Destination Gallery, Astana, Kazakhstan
               DA!MOSCOW Art Fair, Moscow,Russia

2018      “All the World´s Collage” Aspan Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan
                Astana Art Show , TSE Art Destination Gallery, Astana, Kazakhstan
                Focus Kazakhstan: Bread and Roses, Kunstquartier Bethanie / Momentum, Berlin
                Focus Kazakhstan: Post-nomadic Mind, Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, Lodnon
                Cosmoscow international contemporary art fair Moscow. Russia
               “Strukturveränderungen” Kostbar Gallery, Berlin, Germany
               ”Interlocal” The exhibition is part of a larger event “Blue Container on the New Silk Road” Duisburg, Germany

2017      "Time&Astana: After Future" National Museum, Astana, Kazakhstan
              "The story retells" Daegu Art Factory Daegu, South Korea
                Expo 2017 “Future Energy” Astana.Kazakhstan
2016     “METAMORPHOSES“ Pörnbach Contermprorary, Pörnbach, Germany
              “Did you know… ?” WILD PROJECT GALLERY Luxembourg. Luxembourg

2015      Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale, Russia
               Cosmoscow international contemporary art fair Moscow. Russia
              “The Nomads” Artwin Gallery Moscow, Russia

2014      “Dissimination” Sity Gallery Brixen, South Tyrol, Italy
               “A TIME FOR DREAMS” the 4th moscow international biennale for young art, Moscow, Russia

2013      Viennafair Vienna, Austria
               Felt Festival in Felletin , France (Journées Nationales de la Laine à Felletin)
              "Recycling" HWK Leipzig, Germany
              „hochZeiten“ Schloss Belvedere, Pfingstenberg,Potsdam, Germany
              „A BIG SCHOW“ Freies Museum Berlin, Germany

2012      „…E BELLEZZA SIA ! „Turin, Italy

2011      „Refugium“ DIE ARBEIT, Berlin, Germany

2010     “IN DEFENCE. Artists from Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia, USA and Middle East”,Fondazione 107, Turin, Italy

2009    “STILLS-Attraction” Tengri-Umai Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan

              “East of Nowhere. Contemporary Art from Post-Soviet Central Asia” Fondazione 107 Turin, Italy

2007     52nd Venice Biennale, Central Asia Pavilion, Venice, Italy

Pact Zollverein in collaboration with Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform
CHAT – Centre for Haritage Arts & Textile, Hong Kong
La Metive , Moutier-d'A`hun, France



photographers from this website: Fabio Dondero, Gunter Lepkowski, Estefanía Landesmann, Thierry Bal, Natasha Polskaya